Raptor Education Group, Inc., Antigo, WI
Raptor Education Group, Inc., Antigo, WI
Raptor Education Group, Inc.
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Bald Eagle Release
Bald Eagle Release
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Released Bald Eagle 
enjoying the view and his 
new freedom!
Released Bald Eagle enjoying the view and his new freedom!
The Raptor Education Group, Inc. is a non- profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to caring for injured or orphaned native bird species and public education on wildlife issues. All donations are tax-deductible.
We have three main focuses.
Wildlife education programs are provided for adult and childrens groups. Our feathered educators accompany us to all our programs.
We provide medical treatment, food, housing, and professional care to native bird species.
Behavioral, nutritional, disease, and post-release studies done at REGI have contributed to the base knowledge for avian species throughout the world.

REGI holds permits from both the State of Wisconsin and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to possess threatened and endangered indigenous species for rehabilitation and educational purposes. We are members of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, Raptor Research Foundation, and American Ornithologists' Union.

REGI flight training 
building and clinic
REGI flight training building and clinic

One of the largest in the world, this flight training facility is used to teach eagles and other birds to fly. It also is used to help raptors build muscle and social skills necessary in the wild.

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